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All six of the island’s mammals are just keeping dry today, poorly adapted to island life, maybe we’re not meant to be here… The thousands of avian and reptilian vertebrate residents are probably just as happy to have drenching rain and 30 knot gusts as calm sunshine, but it tends […]

Scones Day

http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/2102541 NOTES ON THE BEHAVIOR OF CERTAIN SOLITARY BEES Journal of Animal Behavior Volume 6 (1916) PHIL RAU AND NELLIE RAU The September afternoon was bright and sultry, with a tem- perature of perhaps 85°, as we trudged up a deep little valley between heavily wooded hills, where a tiny […]

Golden Era

I’m mildly obsessed with early ornithology classics, and William Leon Dawson is king of the crop. He was born in 1873, in Iowa, grew up in the midwest, attended University of Washington, and then Oberlin Theological seminary in 1894. He left the ministry and published “Birds of Ohio” in 1903 […]

William Leon Dawson

From The University of California Santa Cruz News Office accessible @ http://news.ucsc.edu/2016/02/marbled-murrelets.html Autonomous acoustic sensors help researchers find endangered seabirds: Using technology to detect and record bird calls could be more cost-effective than surveys by field biologists for monitoring marbled murrelet nesting sites February 24, 2016 By Brendan Bane Marbled […]

Autonomous acoustic sensors help researchers find endangered seabirds